uPOS is a cloud-based POS system

Know more about uPOS

uPOS is a budget-friendly, cloud-based POS system and take transactions and simplify key day-to-day business operations. In addtion to its uPOS, the solution also offers integrated Inventory Management, Customer Management, Accounting, and more.

All the time-saving features help you run and grow your business.

Is not such a trouble?

Excess/Missing inventory

There are many goods of missing items / additional stocks depending on "intuition"

Confirmation work

It takes time to double check inventory status, sales and customer information. 

Duplicate input task

Double input the same data to Excel sheet and multiple systems, and labor has occurred for human error and extra work.


IT seems to be expensive and hard to understand. After all, charges are likely to occur in addition to monthly maintenance fee.

Why uPOS

There are lots of reasons, but most importantly becuase.
Inventory status canbe confirmed in real time, proper inventory setting, accurate figures grasp.
Based on the data once input, it can be used for various purposes, there is no need to create new data!
Monthly charges in the pay-per-use fee. Unlimited data Capacity! Initial cost Free!

Why uPOS

See some of our awesome features

Low price and expandability

Flexibly set up the combination of introduction of hardware according to store size and operation style. Start with minimal introduction cost.

Analysis and statistical improvement with data collective management

Easily confirm sales · statistics by product by product, date / month / week, store, vendor etc. in real time.

Barcode reading

Easy cooperation with barcode reader. Convenient for reading bar code of product / member information.

Easily inventory management

Stock changes due to sales, arrival of goods etc easily. Inventory management functions such as inventory, shop-to-store movements, arrival and shipment are enhanced.

Data capacity unlimited · Indefinite

Data once entered is saved in unlimited data capacity / indefinitely. No worry of losing data with automatic backup.

In addition multi function

It is packed with abundant other functions such as member / customer management, sales management, consumption tax setting, slip management, return processing, and others.

Point of Sale Interface

See some of our awesome function

▼Point of sale

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Reading with a barcode reader is possible, or you can select items by directly inputting.

▼Checkout interface

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Even sales staff who are unfamiliar with IT can easily enter sales.

▼Receipt print interface

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Receipt output is available. You can also contact the cash drawer and use it.

▼Customer management

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Register detailed information such as customer / vendor name, customer / vendor code, address, phone number and more.

▼Product management

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Set product information such as product name, product code, selling price, cost, supplier, selling price, purchase price and more.

▼Sales Analysis

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Conduct sales analysis according to needs such as customer group, product type, day of week and more.



24/7 Customer Support

Support is available to assist you on the phone, through email, or contact form.



Monitoring and trouble responding

We monitor servers on a 24/7 basis, perform restoration work in response to the above detection at the time of detection.


Data backup

Real-time data backup

Data backup in real time. When trouble occurs, you can restore form backup data.


See some of our awesome function


Compact style printer

Cash drawer

Supports both types of manual/

automatic opening and closing

Barcode reader

Convenient when importing products

and creating forms


We have prepared the optimum lineup according to the number of users and introduction method

Please contact us about detailed function


Starting at


Per month
  • Register function
  • Product registration
  • Unlimited Support
  • -
  • -
  • -


Starting at

8,000 yen

Per month
  • Register function
  • Inventory Management
  • Sales Management
  • Reading authority
  • Unlimited Support
  • -


Starting at


Per month
  • Register function
  • Inventory Management
  • Sales Management
  • Reading authority
  • Purchase Management
  • Unlimited Support

Work Process

Our unique process system


Contact Us

Please do not hesitate to ask questions about the system and contact us by contact form or telephone.



Please let us know the detail of your business so that we can propose to your company.



We propose system and estimate based on hearing contact.



We will conclude a contract for uPOS when order is placed.


Setting and support

Set up the system based on the determined parameters. In addition, training will be carried out for operation after the actual operation, and stable system operation will be supported.

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