Enterprise Resource Planning


Enterprise Resources Planning

Enterprise Resources Planning

Next-generation cloud-type integrated core system
that connects companies and companies,
management and the site.

Enterprise Resources Planning

Offers sales management, inventory management, project management and human resource management.
The software is available both in cloud-base and on-premise deployment options.


Enterprise Resources Planning

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Is not such a trouble?

Due to the use of multiple software, it takes time and effort to duplicate input work. It is necessary to visually check repeatedly whether there is a mistake in duplicated input data. It is impossible to collect sales such as sales and cost sales in real time. Information sharing has not bee done in real time and it is impossible to respond quickly With huge amount of information, it burdens the server of our company and it is heavy operation.

Standard function list

A low-priced colud wywtem that realizes functions necessary for business with one system

Partner Management

Customer's important information registration, from estimate to transaction solution such as takes confirm easily on one screen. By managing inquiries and opportunities, it is possible to provide ongoing support without missions. In addition, the search narrowing down function etc...


Manage the proper warehouse with no surplus stock by conducting status management and inventory check.


Centralize management of selling business processes such as ordering, sales, billing and deposit from estimates in addition to printing forms such as invoices, as well as understanding sales information and project progress in sales, etc.. responding to various transaction forms and unit price patterns.


Manage payment from billing and payment. In addition, centralized management of statas of claims, deposits, payments, and accounts payable, support a wide range of practical.

More solutions feature

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24/7 Customer Support

Support is available to assist you on the phone, through email, or contact form.



Monitoring and trouble responding

We monitor servers on a 24/7 basis, perform restoration work in response to the above detection at the time of detection.


Data backup

Real-time data backup

Data backup in real time. When trouble occurs, you can restore form backup data.

Work Process

Our unique process system


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Setting and support

Set up the system based on the determined parameters. In addition, training will be carried out for operation after the actual operation, and stable system operation will be supported.

Introduction fee

Account Fee

Function to be used and Number of Account

It is the fee of each basic functional module.

Installation support fee

ERP implementation support fee

According to the contents of application.

Customization fee

Customized according to business development.

We will quote as necessary.

Subscription fee

Subscription fee

Price varies depending on the function and number of people used

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What is ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is business process management software that allows an organization to use a system on integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back office functions related to technology, services and human resources.

Including purchases, sales, inventory, logistics, manufacturing, and financial accounting etc within a company in one system.

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